The Gusto Kong Mag-aral Project of Operation Sagip started in 2017. On its first year, the initial plan was just to reach more than 70,000 students but it reached 102,201 students in different public elementary schools in the country.

The project widened its reach on its second year. It reached the students in more remote areas like Tawi-Tawi. In total, Gusto Kong Mag-aral Project 2018 reached a total of 106,895 elementary school students nationwide, surpassing the initial target of 105,000.

This would not be possible without the help of different donors, partners, and volunteers.

The Gusto Kong Mag-aral Project or GKM project aims to encourage children to stay in school by giving them school bags and school kits before the school year starts. The project has the following objectives: 1.) to encourage children to be in school every day, 2.) to assist school children with their basic needs in going to school, 3.) to encourage parents to send their children to school, and 4.) to assist children and their families in communities affected by disasters.

Each bag only costs PHP350.00. To donate, send an e-mail to, send a message on Facebook, or call 411-4995.