“Didto sa ubos pa, sa dapit pa sa dagat, luoy jud amon kahimtang.  Lisod kaaayo ba, lupad lupad atop lagi”, (Before, we were living down there by the sea. It was unfortunate that our roof was dilapidated.) said Eliza Ladeza, one of the recipients of Sagip Kapamilya Housing project in Bohol.

The Ladeza family used to live in a house by the sea which was owned by relatives. It is said to be a salvage area because it is prone to natural disasters. They lived in a dilapidated house which cannot withstand any heavy rains. Eliza can still remember their situation when a 7.2 – magnitude earthquake struck Bohol in 2013. She was with her three children and husband German Ladeza. They were scared and helpless.

ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. – Sagip Kapamilya coordinated with the Municipality of Loon, Bohol not only to give out relief goods, but also to provide long-term assistance to earthquake survivors by building disaster-resilient houses for them.    

Through the help of generous donors, Sagip Kapamilya constructed 36 disaster-resilient houses, 30 of which are situated in the 2,600 square meter – uphill land area in Cogon Sur, Loon, while 6 are off the site.

Ladeza family with their new house

Six families who have their own lot in Mocpoc Norte, Loon, Bohol are now living with their newly-built concrete homes. One of them is the Ladeza family.

“Maraming salamat Sagip Kapamilya dahil nabigyan kami ng bahay, may sariling bahay na kami”, said German, a jeepney conductor and Eliza’s husband.

“Nalipay kami, ABS-CBN”, (Ang saya-saya namin, ABS-CBN), Eliza added.

Now, 30 families are starting to move in to their new house with an overlooking ocean view, away from disaster-prone area.

30 houses in Cogon Sur, Loon, Bohol.

Aside from 36 housing units, Sagip Kapamilya also built 14 disaster-resilient classrooms in Dauis Elementary School in Panglao, Bohol – 2 Classrooms; 3 classrooms in Campao Oriental National High School in Getafe, Bohol; 3 classrooms in Nueva Esperanza Elementary School, Bien Unido, Bohol; 2 classrooms in Panglao Central Elementary School in Panglao, Bohol; 2 Classrooms in

Tubod Elementary School, Candijay, Bohol; and 2 classrooms in Cabacungan Elementary School in Cabilao Island, Loon, Bohol. More than 2, 000 GKM Bags were also distributed in the province this year.

Sagip Kapamilya also provided Health equipment to 8 municipalities, (Tubigon, Sevilla, Loon, Loboc, Antequera, Catigbian, Sagbayan, and Maribojoc covering 19 Barangay Health Stations). Water facility project was also provided to Campao Oriental, Getafe, Bohol and three (3) school-based bakery project in Loboc, Buenavista and Maribojoc, Bohol.

These rehabilitation efforts of Sagip Kapamilya were made possible because of generous donors, partners, and individuals who entrusted their donations to the program who is committed to be in the Service of the Filipino.