The ABS-CBN Foundation and Adaptech Philippines teamed up in giving various digital literacy workshops to 200 Bantay Bata Bantay Edukasyon scholars. With the opening of face-to-face classes this school year, the workshops aimed to equip the students with basic computing skills in GSuite, online safety, and coding. The Bantay Bata program also selected 22 scholars who received refurbished desktops from Adaptech.

In 2020, Adaptech founder and ABS-CBN Foundation student volunteer, Sancho Syquia, witnessed firsthand the disparity in Filipino students who had access to technology in his 10th-grade school outreach program. It prompted him to assemble a team of students to form Adaptech and find ways to help underserved students improve their technological access and skills.

“I never saw Adaptech as a single body that would uplift Filipinos all on its own, but more as a growing community of Filipinos who seek to make an impact through tech, no matter how small, on their communities, ” Syquia shared.

Adaptech prides itself in empowering the Filipino youth through technology, one computer at a time. The core values – Transparency, Empathy, Competence, and Hope – aptly called T.E.C.H., anchors on the mission to provide the necessary technological access, skills, and opportunities for Filipino students to adapt to a fast-paced digitalized world.

Sancho and his team from Adaptech decided to become student volunteers at ABS-CBN Foundation under the Bantay Bata program. Here they were able to impart their knowledge and continue their advocacy to help underserved students. Part of their mission is to equip students with tech skills and help provide computer learning equipment. Additionally, as part of Adaptech Philippines’ initiative to promote sustainability and lessen e-waste, they source and refurbish used devices from companies undergoing hardware upgrades and donate these computers to chosen students.

If you would like to support their initiative of closing the tech gap, Adaptech Philippines is constantly looking for partners who can donate funds or computers together with organizations that can benefit from computer donations or workshops. For computer donations, please ensure that the devices are working and are less than 15 years old. Interested parties can reach out to and @adaptechph on Instagram. You may also visit their website at

Adaptech Philippines, through the ABS-CBN Foundation, has proven that age, background, or life circumstances will not hinder those who choose to help. And that ultimately in education, everyone should have equal opportunities.

The ABS-CBN Foundation and Adaptech Philippines will continue to support, foster, and encourage Filipino students to dream and strive to make an impact in their communities.