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Career Coaching


As a component under their Strengthening the Senior High School Project since 2012, Programa Genio has implemented Career Coaching to many of its partner schools in the Philippines. They work strongly with the Department of Education and the schools’ guidance counselors to ensure that students are empowered to decide their future pathways out of fulfillment and not societal pressures.

students career coached



The Philippines education system continues to be challenged with inadequate information on diverse pathways that students can take post-graduation – leading to indecisiveness and often poor decisions for their futures. Also, the lack of career coaching in education systems has resulted in students lacking employable skills that translate to workforce mismatch and eventually, underemployment or unemployment.


Programa Genio provides career coaching and training to guidance counselors for them to help students decide on a pathway – be it pursuing a college education, starting their own business, becoming an entrepreneur, or taking a technical vocational track. Further, they guide students in making the appropriate choice of track, subjects for that track, and post-high school career decisions. Programa Genio also trains students in employable skills and assists them in a possible career placement.

Impact of your donation

Your donation will enable us to transform the lives of Filipino students by addressing critical challenges in the education system. With Programa Genio’s career coaching and training, students will be guided to make informed post-graduation decisions and align their skills with their chosen pathway’s demands.

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Teacher Training


As part of their comprehensive “Strengthening the Senior High” project, Programa Genio has also integrated teacher training in their initiatives. Modules and lessons under the teacher training component are based on a needs assessment conducted by the Programa Genio team.

teachers upskilled



Recent reports and educational assessments such as the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), shows the poor performance of Filipino students compared to the rest of the world. A significant contributing factor identified is inadequate teacher training, evidenced by teachers’ insufficient grasp of modern pedagogical methods to address diverse learning needs, and limited exposure to innovative teaching tools and approaches.


Programa Genio conducts teacher training to upskill and reskill teachers to better respond to the needs of the students, adapt to the changing norms in education, and use tools that can make teaching and learning more efficient. The goal is to help teachers build a student-centered classroom which will equip the students with the skills to pursue their chosen pathway. Programa Genio also provides mental and emotional wellness workshops to support the teachers’ wellbeing.

Impact of your donation

Your generous donation will directly enhance the education landscape in the Philippines. By contributing to Programa Genio’s teacher training initiatives, you empower educators to better address the diverse needs of their students.

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Alternative Learning Education


Since its inception, Programa Genio has been focused on its mission on H-ealth, E-ducation, and A-ccess to equity in quality education, reaffirms hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow. Beyond the “Strengthening the Senior High” project, they also offer learning opportunities to underserved fellow Filipinos, such as out-of-school-youth and adult learners through Alternative Learning Education.

ALE teachers trained



Many Filipinos, especially those from marginalized and underserved groups, don’t get the chance to enter or finish formal basic education for a variety of reasons. Traditional education systems struggle to accommodate diverse learning needs, leading to a high number of dropouts and out-of-school-youth-and-adults.


To address the above challenge, Programa Genio’s Alternative Learning Education project has two components:

1. The Alternative Learning Education component provides opportunities for out-of-school youth and adult learners to develop basic and functional literacy skills and to access equivalent pathways to complete basic education. This can be done by upskilling and reskilling teachers and learners through training.

2.The Functional Education and Literacy component is designed to provide intensive community-based literacy training for illiterate out-of-school youth and adults from the poorest segment of society with educational programs specifically designed to foster development of basic level reading, writing and computing skills integrated with expressed priority learning needs.

To come to terms with the new normal and to accommodate those in the far-flung areas, the training can be conducted either face-to-face, virtually, or a different approach that can make it accessible to the learners.

Impact of your donation

Your support will go to providing necessary equipment, and training teachers and willing learners from the marginalized and underserved communities to overcome barriers to education.

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Provision of Equipment


Programa Genio envisions to bring out the genius in every Filipino child it helps. In pursuit of this vision and through numerous engagements with their partner schools, Programa Genio has identified the need to provide senior high school students with the essential tools and materials that will enrich their learning experience.

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of used lead batteries collected for recycling, recovery, and treatment
3,821,043 liters
of used oil collected for recovery, refining, and treatment
253,048 WEEE
collected of various WEEE collected for disposal and recovery of precious materials and treatment



Institutional reports have shown that the Philippines is unable to fully cope with the demands of its Senior High School program due to a lack of essential educational resources such as internet, digital tools, quipment in technical vocational education and training, and more. This hinders the effective learning and skill development of students, regardless of their chosen strand or pathway.


With the help of school divisions and partners, Programa Genio identifies the equipment necessary for learning enrichment and accessibility and provides the necessary equipment. These include equipment such as risographs for module distribution, tablets for distance learning, computers to enhance the students’ Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strand, and more.

Impact of your donation

Your contribution will help Programa Genio provide essential equipment to senior high students, fostering enriched learning experiences and equitable skill development.

Join us in making quality education more accessible!


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