Bantay Bata Helpline 163


Bantay Bata Helpline 163 is the pioneer helpline in the Philippines focused on child-related concerns. Since 1997, licensed social workers from Helpline 163 have handled abuse reports, provide valuable guidance to children and their families, and facilitate psychosocial support services.

Recently, the Helpline transitioned its services from the traditional 24-hour hotline system to a fully online service. This transition now allows children and their families to chat, email, and tag its Facebook and email platforms to get support. Aside from becoming easier and more convenient for young Filipinos, the Helpline also provides a safe space where a free 1-hour talk therapy session is available upon assessment.

children and families assisted through the Helpline since 1997
individuals served in 2023
cases handled in 2023 (child abuse and social work counselling)



80% of Filipino children have experienced some form of violence in their lifetime, revealing a distressing reality of abuse and neglect prevalent among the youth in the country. There also continues to be a lack of affordable and accessible psychosocial support services. The numerous reports of abuse also magnify the importance of a helpline that is ready to respond to these cases.


Bantay Bata Helpline 163 is designed to address the urgent needs of distressed children. The licensed social workers respond to reports of abuse and rapidly connect children with appropriate agencies. Bantay Bata also provides guidance, counseling, and psychological first aid to help the children cope with the challenges that they are facing.

Impact of your donation

Your donation will be used to continue the operations of Helpline 163 and enable Bantay Bata to provide help for children who are abused and in need of urgent support. Together with Bantay Bata, you can make a lasting impact, break the cycle of violence, and create a brighter future for children.

Take action today and be a hero in a child’s life!

Child Safe Schools and Communities


Child Safe Schools and Communities is a new program that Bantay Bata launched to strengthen child protection systems in schools and communities. Bantay Bata does this by partnering with schools and helping them formulate their contextualized Child Protection Policy and Program, providing Advocacy Kits for replication of the project, and supporting the school/barangay through information campaigns on child protection.

school personnel & PTA trained
schools partnered for Child Protection Policy and Program Creation
children reached for children’s rights awareness
parents attended perenting seminars



8 out of 10 Filipino children are abused in different settings. Online sexual abuse and exploitation of children (OSAEC), is also a rising form of child abuse in the Philippines, calling the need for schools (a child’s second home) to actively participate in the protection of the youth. However, while some schools are aware of the importance of a Child Protection Policy and Program, they have limited knowledge on how to implement it effectively.


Through the Child Safe Schools and Communities project, Bantay Bata helps schools, a common ground for protecting children’s best interests, formulate their own Child Protection Policy and Program that is contextualized to their needs. They also deliver child protection and parenting talks that discuss important topics such as mental health, child’s rights, parenting with love, and online sexual exploitation and abuse to create community awareness to protect the Filipino child.

Impact of your donation

Your donation will be used to support Bantay Bata and its partner schools in creating child protected spaces and safeguarding the children and youth from exploitation and abuse.

Stand with us in our mission to ensure that the future generation is protected and free from abuse and harm!

Project MIND (Mental Health Intervention for children in Need or affected by Disasters)


Project MIND was recently spearheaded by Bantay Bata as a mental health intervention for children in need and affected by disasters. Through Project MIND, a volunteer network of psychosocial support providers are formed through training community-based volunteers. This project also initiates campaigns on children’s mental health awareness – an increasingly important issue in the country.

children reached in 2022
parents taught about mental health and/or child protection in 2022
schools reached in 2022



The Philippines is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, with the children and youth being one of the most vulnerable groups. Studies also show that children face an increased risk of violence during emergencies. In the aftermath of these disasters, children become vulnerable to violence, trafficking, and stress unless they have a strong support network behind them. On top of that, there is generally a negative perception of requesting psychosocial support among individuals in the country, preventing them from reaching out.


Project MIND seeks to holistically bridge the gap in mental health care for children. They do this by providing on-ground and online psychosocial support training for volunteers, and even providing actual psychosocial support to children and families. They also do Mental Health talks in schools, aiming to end the stigma surrounding the topic to raise awareness on its realities.

Impact of your donation

Your donation will be used to create a bigger network of psychosocial support volunteers to help children regain hope after disasters. Further, your donation helps Bantay Bata in its campaign on mental health awareness in the country.

Be a catalyst of hope in the lives of vulnerable children today!

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